Unit Test Workshop at the Chair of Fluid Systems, TU Darmstadt

Unit testing is an important way of achieving higher code quality, especially in collaborative projects. In order to introduce the topic to our colleagues at the Chair of Fluid Systems, we organized a workshop that was held by Daniele Inturri. The workshop explained the idea behind unit testing and provided practical information on implementing tests in typical engineering applications.

The slides from the workshop are available here in German. An English version is available here. You can find a GitLab repository with the presented tests here.

Another opportunity to hear the talk on this topic was at the NFDI4ing Conference which took place on October 26 and 27, 2022. Michaela Leštáková, Kevin Logan and Daniele Inturri held a workshop titled A No-Nonsense Guide to Higher Code Quality for Researchers - feat. Unit Testing.